HR Payroll with Adv. MS Excel

HR Payroll Training Course that helps people to learn different aspects of compensation and benefits. Every Company and HR department needs a payroll expert who can do salary calculation in excel, salary slip format practice, PF, ESI, EPFO online E-filing, the form returns Professional Tax slab calculation, Provident Fund registration and sees that they are offers in a timely manner. They also need to know about the legal regulations regarding HR Payroll Processing adhere to the same. We ensure that your learning is accurate and you don’t make mistake by teaching you right.


In these tough economic conditions, all the employees want their salaries to be dispersed at the earliest and without any mistakes. They also want to get paid for the extra hours they have put in and the extra work they often do on weekends. As management people rarely have the time to take care of salary computation and disbursal, they hire a payroll executive to do the deed. We at ATMIYA HR will train you in all aspects of payroll management so that you can calculate the payroll of fewer than ten employees to thousands of employees in a flawless manner.

We train you to calculate salary as per the legal regulations such as EPF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus etc. You will also get to learn about the computation of various aspects of a salary, from HRA to travel allowance and DA to the conveyance. You also get pertinent MS Excel Training so that you can use this amazing software to do the calculations instead of depending on manual computation methods that are long, tiring and tedious.

Why Learn Payroll Processing?

  • You will be an expert in all 3 aspects of payroll management, computation via MS excel, legal compliance and accurate calculation
  • You will have ample job opportunities as each organization needs a payroll expert who is aware of the law as well
  • As a fresher, you can get a job with a good salary
  • If you do your work honestly, you will have a lot of job security as management won’t want to replace you
  • Your career will grow as the company grows because you will easily calculate the salary of more people with the passage of time

Who Should Learn?

  • Fresh graduates who like numbers
  • Women looking to re-join the corporate world after a few years
  • People from other fields like sales who are tired of job targets
  • People working in an HR field they don’t like much such as recruitment
  • People seeking career enhancement like data entry operator to payroll executive
  • Students who aren’t placed by their colleges

Payroll executives who want to update themselves on latest laws and technology

Program Details:

HR Payroll Certification Training Course is a popular course among young and experienced learners because it lets people be an expert on payroll management in just a few weeks and get a job via our amazing placement sessions.

Key Highlights:

We will let you know about all the laws related to payroll management so that your company doesn’t make a mistake accidentally

  • You will get a certification when the course ends and it will add more shine to your resume
  • You will get loads of job opportunities via our placement sessions
  • All the information usually imparted during a year’s course is encapsulated to save your time
  • You can clear your doubts whenever you like without fearing.

Course Duration:  2-3 Months

HR Payroll Processing Training Delivery Method:

  • Web-based training
  • Classroom training
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Practical Sessions
  • Presentations/Demonstrations
  • Handouts/Assignment
  • Workshop Exposure
  • Placement Assistance

**The classes are available on a module basis too.

Module Covered:

Module 1: Statutory Compliance

Module 2: Compensation & Benefits

Module 3: Advanced MS. Excel