Business HR 

Business HR Training Course is a top-level HR training program that offers practical training on varied aspects of HR. When you do this course, you will become an expert on everything from recruitment to training and performance management to organizational development & HR Policy. This course was developed by keeping in mind the fact that all companies’ need HR People who are expert in multiple fields and can juggle their work. In HR Course, you will truly be an expert on everything you learn and prove your skills when you get a job via our placement sessions. Enroll yourself in this course to get a lucrative HR Job or skill enhancement for your current job.


Every company needs an all-rounder these days who can handle various aspects of a job role flawlessly. Even when hiring HR professionals, companies want a person who can take care of everything from recruitment to training & development and organizational development to performance management. Some companies, especially small companies, and start-ups expect the HR person to create HR Policy and implement them as well.

In this course, we will train you in such a manner that you will take this challenge head-on and perform beyond the expectations of the management. As we believe in offering updated information to all the learners like you, the training modules are constantly developed with time. It’s our promise that when you learn different aspects of HR, you will want to apply your skills in a job immediately and this enthusiasm might make you the favourite of your employer. Rest assured that we will never let you down.

Why Learn PMS/T&D/R&S/Business HR?

  • You will be expert in different fields of HR such as recruitment & selection, training & development, HR Policy making, performance management, and organizational development.
  • You will have a lot of job opportunities as companies value a resource that has expertise in different domains
  • You can even get a good salary as a fresher as start-ups pay really well to talented freshers
  • You will also learn a lot while doing your job and never feel that you are into a tedious job
  • You will be hard to replace which will offer you some job security
  • You will have a shining career if you never stop learning

Who Should Learn?

  • Fresh graduates who have a knack for multitasking
  • Women who are looking to re-join the corporate world after a span of a few years
  • People from other fields like marketing who are tired of their job and want to make a switch
  • People working in a single area of HR like Training & development with a thirst to learn more
  • People who wish to grow their career rapidly but can’t do that in present job roles like IT Technicians
  • Students who did not get placed in a good college after graduation or post-graduation
  • HR Professionals who have a good knowledge of each of the fields but want to upgrade their skills
  • Fresh MBA HR professionals looking for a job

Program Details:

HR Recruitment & Manpower Planning is a Practical Training learning course that is in demand because every employee wants to be a multitasker these days. This course is worth every rupee you spend on it due to its expert trainers, perfect delivery methods, and practical approach. And of course, great placement opportunities!!

Key Highlights:

  • You will get updated knowledge of tools that are in vogue
  • A certification is provided that will boost the value of your resume
  • Our placement sessions let you sit in the interviews until you get a job
  • The course is short-term that saves your time

Course Duration:  60 – 65 Hours

PMS / T&D / R&S/ Business HR Training Delivery Method:

  • Practical Sessions
  • Web-based, desktop-based and classroom training
  • Live Demonstrations and Interactive Presentations
  • Practical learning approach
  • Learners get a chance to work on client projects
  • Regular assignments and simple tests are organized to judge your skills
  • Workshop Exposure
  • Placement Assistance

Module Covered:

Module 1: Performance Management System

Module 2: Employee Relationship Management

Module 3: HR Policies and Organizational Development (Total Practical Workshop)

Module 4: Training & Development

Module 5: Manpower Planning: Recruitment & Selection (Total Practical Workshop)

Module 6: How to crack an Interview